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Lanny Visit Lanny's homepage  19/09/14   11:41:35 Date
Message I enjoy this site - its so usefull and helpfull.

Marian Owens  08/09/14   20:45:31 Date
Message The Cow Creek HIstorical Society is having the yearly Country BBQ & Car Show Sunday, Sept 14th between 1 and 4:00 p.m. at the Springer-Martin House, 7331 Azalea Glen Road, Glendale, OR. We welcome old cars and show cars! Car owners are eligible for drawings. No entry fee.
The menu is tri-tip or chicken, baked potatoes, baked beans, green salad with ice cream & cookies for dessert. Price for adults: $13,
Children 5-12: $6 and children under age 5 are free.

Sharon Johns Schmitz  18/07/14   16:33:21 Date
Message Wonderful reunion! thanks to those who put it all together, great job.
And thank you Robert McDowell for the wonderful DVD you gave me. You brought tears to eyes with your music as you captured my teen years and memories of our Glendale.
Glendale is not the broken buildings and sad streets, in my mind I see it as it was back then. Your music brought it all back in a glowing light. thank you my friend

Audina Jephson  11/06/14   09:07:04 Date
Message HEY EVERYBODY!!! If you are reading this...and are planning on attending the ALL CLASS REUNION...go back to the home reunion details...and register and pay your $30 for the events at Seven Feathers. We are needing a more accurate count of attendees to give to Feathers. We are posting a DEADLINE of JUNE 28th...Please pass this

Marian Owens  25/05/14   23:47:12 Date
Message With the present state of affairs concerning the Veteran's Administration and the medical care for our Veterans, a fitting tribute comes from the title of an editorial in Sunday's Roseburg News Review: "MOURN THOSE WE'VE LOST, CARE FOR THE VETS WHO REMAIN" To this I utter a sound AMEN!

Audina  03/04/14   18:39:39 Date
Message If you are on Facebook, visit Glendale Alumni Association...lots of posts, pictures, and info on the reunion...

Dan Chandler  29/03/14   19:25:35 Date
Message Hi Everyone, I haven't been on the site for some time and thought I would check it out. Mainly looking for information about the All Class Reunion in July. While reading through the posts, I found that an old friend and classmate had passed away. Chris Murphy will be missed by all that knew him.

Lee 63  09/03/14   11:30:58 Date
Message Thanks Arlene,

I've added her to the Memoriam. Just think, she would be greeted by her brothers Steve & David.

Arlene Murphy Henry  07/03/14   08:18:39 Date
Message Rosalie M. Blanchard Hillman class of 1966 passed away on Feb. 23, 2014. I don't know her date of birth, she was 65.

Lee 63  06/03/14   14:14:31 Date
Message Rita,
Two comments from people that might be helpful:

Tilda was married to my Uncle Doug Stackhouse but they have been divorced for many years. Last I heard she was in Portland.

I heard Wanda lives with her older brother out there at Windy creek.

Sharon johns Schmitz57  05/03/14   11:06:24 Date
Message Our next middle-AGERS meeting will be March 28. 7 feathers Stix sports bar at 12 noon. In the past we had all thrown $ in the pot and had one bill. Our intentions were if there was $ left over that would be put into Glendale Alumni fund. Well the group has grown and not the same people come every time, so from now on we will all just pay for our own lunch. See you all there, Sharon

Rita (Jackson) Tinney  04/03/14   23:50:20 Date
Message T am trying to find out if 2 girls i went to school with are still in Glendale-- Tilda Perry and wanda Rucker

Nancy Branum  26/02/14   22:04:37 Date
Message If anyone remembers Jean Branum I would like you to send messages to her . She had breast cancer in 1991 and it came back 2012. She also has CHF. Her past memories are the best so if you can add something to cheer her up it would be great.

Lee 63  20/02/14   05:58:33 Date
Message You'll find the link on the "after 1928 Fire link of the GMCA webpage, ""

Lee 63  19/02/14   18:45:16 Date
Message I have added a link to the story about the Stumbo Brothers establishing a toll road on highway 99 in 1956. Here is the link:

Lee 63  18/02/14   05:23:48 Date
Message I love that story, Marian. To me it's what education is all about...respect!

Marian owens  18/02/14   00:08:58 Date
Message I have written about Louis & Frances Price before, but they were special people in our commuunity and their stories are certainly worth re-telling! They were both involved in many youth projects, aside from teaching school, and gave so much of themselves for the kids. ONe story I've told before was about going to Elkton for a basketball game. The Prices had taught school there, and I believe Louis was in administration. It was obvious the Prices had been greatly loved in the Elkton community because when they walked into that gymnasium for the basketball game, the whole Elkon crowd gave them a standing ovation. It was a sight to see! Afterwards, whenever that event was mentioned to them, Louis always said, "Well, that was because of Frances"....and Frances always said, "That was because of Louis". I happen to think it was for both!!!

Many thanks to Lee for spending so much time working on the Price slides. I happen to know it was a long tedious job. Can't help but think that Frances had great influence on most of the kids in the pictures.

Lee 63  15/02/14   18:24:28 Date
Message Dave,

I think the late 1960's into the early 1980's if I had to guess.


Dave 54  15/02/14   12:32:01 Date
Message Lee--Great job, but what's the time frame, especially for the bulk of the pictures? I left Glendale in '56 and I didn't recognize anyone in these photos, but then I awoke this morning and I thought my last name was Smith.


Lee 63  15/02/14   11:07:12 Date
Message The URL presented incorrectly. Please add ".html" after the word index to go to the website. No quotes.

Lee 63  15/02/14   07:50:01 Date
Message For many years Mr. & Mrs. Price led the 4-H club in Glendale. They took many photos on slides. I have converted the slides (approximately 750) to digital and put them on a web page at:


Arlene Murphy Henry  13/02/14   14:11:31 Date
Message Daniel John Sether

Daniel John Sether, 56, of Glendale died Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014, at his home.

A celebration of life will be held Saturday at 2:30 p.m. at his home. Mountain View Memorial Chapel in Myrtle Creek is in charge of arrangements.

Sether was born March 22, 1957, in Grants Pass. From 1975 to 1978, he served in the Army and was honorably discharged. He worked as a registered nurse in Medford and enjoyed fast cars and fishing.

Survivors include a son, Curtis D. Sether of Glendale; a daughter, Ashley Sweeton of Gympie, Australia; his mother, Marge Cecil of Grants Pass; his father, John Sether of Glendale; a sister, Donna Sether of Glendale; and a granddaughter.

RTM  28/01/14   15:05:47 Date
Message I'd rather know where I came from than to know where I'm going!!! RTM

Lee 63  05/01/14   16:07:01 Date
Message Thank you Checky Check for your wonderful lines!

Checky Check  04/01/14   17:13:44 Date
Message At the End of the End

The cloak of guilt weighs heavy
Upon your back
There are those already waiting for you
To crack
One shoe will drop and then
The other
When truth is turned against you by a
Meth head brother.

It will happen in an ordinary
Mundane moment;
In less time than it takes for a buzzard
To eat its’ own vomit
More quickly than the blinking
Of an eye
You won’t feel a thing you’ll just
Lay there and die.

Life, at times, can creep at the pace
Of a snail
But for the guilty it moves quickly
On the way to hell
Soon it will be over and will seem to
Never have been
A snapshot of your ugly life of iniquity
And sin.

No longer will you be part of the
Living world
And no one will be sad or notice that
You’ve gone
Not your meth head friends; nor your
Gangsta girl
People like you really have no true

You may be walking out your
Front door
Or you may be driving around in
Your car
You will breathe in and then you will
Breathe no more
The avenging angels always know
Where you are.

The Sniper’s eye is much like the eye
Of the eagle
Looking for the likeness, to devour,
Of Smeagle
I’m known still, as one who never missed
The target assigned
Karma, you evil fiend, always makes life
Right in the end.

To be anxious with dread every
Waking hour
Smoke and mirrors can only get you by
For a while
You won’t know for sure if its’ real or
Just a game
Your knees will be knocking when they
Call out your name.

There will be justice yet for
Barbara Lea!!!
For there is no honor amongst murderers
And thieves
By the hand of one of your own you’ll
Take the blame
But I doubt at the end of the end
Capable of feeling shame.

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