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Myron Rowe  29/07/11   12:23:51 Date
Message Does anyone have information about the 59 year reunion for the class of 1961?

Lee 63  27/07/11   08:09:10 Date
Message Thanks Sharon for your very kind words about the Memoriam site. I've enjoyed doing it. Shorty Clayton keeps me "in the know" when it comes to folks from the 1950 classes. Things have been slow at work so I've really been mining to undercover more names. Unfortunately it causes more questions than answers but still fun. I just heard from a fellow named Frank Fonfara in Reno. He told me about Mark Stackhouse passing last year in Alaska.

RTM  26/07/11   11:44:43 Date
Message Right on Sharon 56, I've missed you. Best wishes to Ms. Owens... music; it's a tough business to break into. Sounds like she's got her foot in the door though so good luck to her. She seems to be good at everything she puts her mind to so that's a good thing. RTM

Sharon 56  26/07/11   00:11:02 Date
Message Hi Robert...It's nice to have the site back, isn't it?
Boy...It didn't take the "garbage" people long to find us, did it? was my understanding that the site was not to be used to solicit any kind of I wrong...has things changed?

The Owens family is headed to Nashville. Young Andy's daughter has been given the opportunity to cut a record (I guess that's what they still call it, but I'm old...terminology may have changed)...An opportunity she should have, I might add, as that young lady has an outstanding voice...I am just thrilled for her and we all wish her much success in whatever she decides to do...I know I'll be one of the first in line to buy her record/CD when it hits the market....s

RTM  24/07/11   20:32:03 Date
Message Hi Sharon, hope all is well with you!!! RTM Surprised

Beyonce Visit Beyonce's homepage  22/07/11   13:58:22 Date
Message This article achieved exctaly what I wanted it to achieve.

Sharon '56  22/07/11   00:46:16 Date
Message Just checked out the Memorial site and am reminded once again of how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to have it. A huge thanks to Lee for keeping it current. Although it breaks my heart when I find a new name on there of someone who was a friend...I, for one, really appreciate the site and I know others do too...Thanks again, Lee...sharon

Lee 63 Visit Lee 63's homepage  21/07/11   07:36:32 Date
Message A few years ago Nolan & Nadine Tanner shared a photo of a number of students from GHS 1933. Many of them I've found on and added to the memoriam site. This is one that just turned up. Stan just passed last month. He was born in Glendale and was class of 1937.

Stanley Edward Jantzer, a long-time resident of Mount Shasta, Calif., went home to be with the Lord on June 8, 2011, at age 92. He was born in Glendale, Ore., on January 7, 1919, to John and Sylvia Jantzer. On August 13, 1939, he married Irene Nye. He served in the United States Army during World War II in the Philippines, and, when the war ended, was part of the Allied Occupational Forces of Japan. In his earlier years, Stanley worked as a truck driver, gold miner, logger, and in lumber mills. Later he constructed Cooper's Mill, co-owned Siskiyou Cedar Products, and then retired as a mill engineer for P & M Cedar Products, Inc. Stanley enjoyed photography and RVing. He loved serving the Lord at Hope Community Church. He is survived by his sons and daughters-in-law, Glen and Lynda Jantzer, of Mt. Shasta, Calif., and Mark and Alysia Jantzer, of Lakehead, Calif.; his daughter and son-in-law, Bill and Jo Anne Walker, of Mt. Shasta, Calif.; his brother, Ben Jantzer, of Grants Pass, Ore.; three grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his wife, Irene; his eldest son, John; and grandsons, Kevin and Scott Jantzer. Online condolences may be made at Hope Community Church has been designated for memorial gifts.`

RTM  19/07/11   19:22:16 Date
Message The Valley

Today I walk through
Valley of the Shadow of Death’
Though I see no evil
Know it’s there waiting
For me
Should I become too complacent.

I walk through the valley
I must prepare for the pain
Lurks in the shadows
‘The valley of sorrow and woe.’

Will it be me
You... my dearest friend?
I know without a doubt
It will
Come my way again
I walk through ‘The Valley
The Shadow of death.’


RTM  19/07/11   11:00:01 Date
Message Is it 2012 December 21st that the world is going to end or is it the 23rd? I guess we should see a whole lot of wierdness about that time. Actually I've decided to just sleep through the whole thing. Good Luck to all. RTM

audina92  19/07/11   08:34:11 Date
Message That was some crazy lightning and thunder last night, even lost electricity for a couple of hours. Is it me or has the thunder been exceptionally loud this year???

Marian Owens  18/07/11   20:20:50 Date
Message About 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon, emergency services were paged for the crash of a small plane. The location was on the lower side of Azalea Glen (Old 99) between Fortune Branch & Quines Creek Road, near Kris Nace's air-strip. The initial report was two fatalities, but upon closer inspection, it was reported to be one fatality and one patient still alive. Dispatch was asked to activate Mercy Flights, but before the helicopter could arrive on scene, the second person perished.

The plane was a small fixed wing plane kit...which I guess means it was a home built aircraft. A neighbor, who lives on the hill above the Azalea Glen, said he heard the engine and it sounded like it was not running properly. He said it sounded like a weed-eater running full blast.

Tonight's paper reported the victims were two males from Middleton, California, both in their early 60s.

In the late 1970s, a plane from the Portland area crashed above the freeway on Canyon Mt. Two people died in that crash, but a young man, who was a flight student (tho not piloting the plane)awoke after the crash to find himself dangling above ground. He said the plane had hit a tree. When he released his safety harness, he fell to the ground, landing between two logs on the ground below. Within second, the over-head plane burst into flames. His falling between the two logs probably helped save his life, but he did sustain some burns trying to rescue his traveling companions.He also sustained a serious laceration on the calf of one leg and severe buising on his chest. He was definately lucky to be alive!

When the young man realized there was nothing he could do for his traveling companions, he followed a skid road down the mountain until arriving at the freeway. At the time, a fence seperated the freeway and the forest. Not having the strength to climb over the fence, he stood at the locked gate (on the South-bound side of the freeway)waving his arms and crying for help. Finally a man traveling north-bound on the freeway saw the young man and relalized he was injured. The man turned his vehicle around at the next off-ramp and drove back to rescure the young flyer. That was before the days of cell phones, so the good samaritan drove the victim to the station at Quines Creek and called the ambulance.

That crash occurred when North Valley High School was being constructed in Josephone County. In talking to the young man, he said the pilot of the plane had asked him to co-pilot the plane down to Grants Pass airport. Their passenger was a flooring contractor who had been hired to do the flooring in the new school. When they saw Dale Johns' air strip near the Azalea interchange, they mistakenly thought it was the Grants Pass airport so they were making a turn so they could land on Dale's strip.

After the crash, reporters swarmed the hospital But the patient's room was off-limits to everyone except family & hospital personnel. I've often wondered if the young man continued his quest to be an aviator.

Jerry Bartle  15/07/11   15:38:21 Date
Message I recieved an email from MMO earlier this week and it was a very good proposaL ON HOW TO GET THE GOOD OLD USA back on the went like this; THERE ARE CURRENTLY 40 million people over the age of 50=lets give each of them 1 million dollars for early retirement withthe following stipulations;
1. they must retire. That leaves approximately 40 million jobs to fill.
2. they must buy a new American car. That takes care of the automobile industry.
3. they must buy a new home and/or pay off their current mortgage. That takes care of the housing industry.
4. they must buy made in America products only.That takes care of american business......
One more thing; Congress must retire on social security and medicare like the rest of the country..

RTM  14/07/11   20:05:27 Date
Message Back Steppin Jack

Jose and that rascal Larry J. two peas
In a pod
Fightin with Back Steppin Jack by the light
Of the
Sawdust burner down by
The millpond
Slappin and fighting like little girls and
Talking trash
Hell, Aline on a bad day could kick
Their ass.

Back Steppin’ Jack gave all he had
That night
But seriously it wasn’t much of
A fight
Larry caught him with an upper cut and Jack did
A back flip so high
He looked like Bo Jangles moonwalkin
Across the sky.

All of a sudden I saw Jose and Larry J.
Beatin’ feet
I looked around and saw two cars racing
Down the street.
Two GTO’s a ‘64’ and a ‘66’ glowing
Yellow and green
Burnin rubber and oil and looking

No one would talk about it but something
Went wrong
When they hit that curve Back Stepping Jack
Was gone
Their aint no way he’s ever
Coming back
There weren’t nothing left of him
On the racetrack.

Back Stepping Jack’s blood, sweat and tears
Filled the air
As we looked on with shock and awe and
A doleful stare
Red lights were flashing and sirens
I knew it was time for me to get the hell
Out of there.

Somebody knows what really happened but
They won’t tell
Some say Back Steppin Jack is running
Maybe when no one was looking he did get
Out of the way
Of those two screamin Goats but no one
Will say.

Out through the sawmill and up the
Hill I raced
I could feel the brush scratching at
My face
I searched for the railroad tracks
And once found
I took some time to catch my breath and sat
Down on the ground
Darkness enveloped me as I started walking
Toward home
I don’t think I’ve ever felt
So alone.

I could see red eyes of critters stalking me
In the brush
It all hit me sudden like; a mega
Adrenalin rush
I was scared to death and wanted to be
Home in bed
I walked zombie like until I saw the
Tunnel ahead
That’s when I stumbled across
Back Steppin Jack
Leaning back looking up at
The night sky
That’s the last time I saw him
And that’s a fact

Written by: Robert Tallent McDowell

RTM  14/07/11   13:08:08 Date
Message Entitlements my ass, I paid cash for my Social Security Insurance! Just because they borrowed my money, doesn't make my benefits some kind of charity or handout! Congressional benefits like free health care, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days: now that's welfare; and they have the nerve to call my retirement entitlements!

Someone please tell me what the Hell is wrong with all the people that run this country!

We're broke and can't help our Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc.?

In recent months we have provided aid to Haiti , Chile, Pakistan...home to bin Laden...literally BILLIONS of DOLLARS!

Our retired seniors living on a fixed incomes receive no aid nor do they get any breaks while our government gives Hundreds of Billions to Foreign Countries!

They call Social Security and Medicare entitlements even though most of us have been paying for them all our working lives. And now, when its time for us to collect, the Government is running out of money. Why did the Government borrow from our Social Security in the first place?

We have many adoptable children who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans.

AMERICA: a country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, elderly going without needed medication, mentally ill going without treatment, etc.

Imagine if our Government gave us the same support they give the people who hate us.

Sad, isn't it?

RTM - via someone with common sense!!!

audina92  14/07/11   08:36:44 Date
Message Just wanted everyone to keep the Barrong family in your prayers for peace and comfort, Donny passed away yesterday. Thanks to all that were at the picnic with him on the 4th, he had a really great time watching the parade and visiting with friends and family!

Rita  10/07/11   20:53:58 Date
Message Some name with the great parade pictures would be nice for some of us that haven't been there for awhile. :Thank you

RTM  09/07/11   06:42:48 Date
Message President Obama, please leave social security alone. What happened to your promise of change by taxing the rich or at least stop paying them social security. President Obama you're just like all the rest of them. You promised the middle class a change, but you've now realized like all the rest that the middle class is the glue that holds it all together. Just don't break your promise!!! Legalize Pot and put a tax on it that way you break the mexican cartels and earn the money to pay off the deficit. Thanks for listening. Sincerely, Robert Tallent McDowell

Marian Owens  08/07/11   22:46:45 Date
Message Sure am loving having this site up and working again! Sharon 57...I have missed your good grandchild stories.

Late yesterday afternoon I was invited to go gold panning with some grandkids. I have my own pan but had never tried using it before... which meant I needed a crash course on panning for gold! Put on some old tenny runners and got a quart jar out of the pantry (to hold all the gold nuggets I was going to find) and joined the kids where Swamp Creek runs into Cow Creek. (Let me correct that statement....Where Swamp Creek runs WHEN it has water in it!) Cow Creek is running higher than normal for this time of year...and the water is cold..courtesy of the abundance of water at Galesville. We panned for about an hour. Kandace found a few flakes. Guess I will have to wear glasses the next time I go gold panning because I sure couldn't see what the rest of them were seeing! I didn't expect to need glasses for what I hoped to find. I came home with an empty quart jar and wet cold feet...but what fun it was!

RTM  08/07/11   11:54:29 Date
Message The Death of Common Sense

Nowhere on the planet is common sense a scarcer commodity than in Washington, D.C. The $14 trillion in federal debt - much of it held by foreign, and frequently unfriendly countries - would seem to be sufficient evidence of that. As if that weren't bad enough, it now emerges that many of those same creditor nations are also the recipients of U.S. foreign aid.

According to a report from the Congressional Research Service, in fiscal year 2010 the United States' top creditor nations received millions of dollars in foreign aid from the U.S. government.

China, the number-one creditor, holding $1.1 trillion in Treasury bonds, got $27.2 million in U.S. aid.
Brazil, held $193.5 billion in Treasury bonds and got $25 million in aid.
Russia, with $127.8 billion in bonds, received $71.5 million in aid.
India, with $39.8 billion in bonds, received $126.6 million in aid.

Other creditors receiving foreign aid:
Taiwan ($575,000 thousand)
Singapore ($500,000 thousand)
Thailand ($16.7 million)
Ireland ($17 million)
Mexico ($316.8 million)
Turkey ($8.1 million)
Poland ($2.1 million)
Philippines ($128.1 million)
Colombia ($461.1 million)
Chile ($1.3 million)
Egypt ($255.7 million)
Malaysia ($2.2 million).

Something for people with common sense to think about!!!

Andy Owens  08/07/11   09:27:27 Date
Message Hi All,
Zach has the Photo Gallery portion of our website up and running. If you get a minute, take a look and give us some feedback. Thank you Betty and Audina for the photos. If any of you have photos that you would like to share, send them to us and we will post them in the site.

Sharon Johns Schmitz 57  08/07/11   07:28:04 Date
Message Finally maybe we can have fun on our site again!!!

Sharon Johns Schmitz 57 Visit Sharon Johns Schmitz 57's homepage  08/07/11   07:25:26 Date
Message WinkingTesting just like Sharon 56

Lee 63  08/07/11   02:22:51 Date
Message If it was any easier to post you could just talk to the screen and your thoughts would appear. Nice job AJ & crew.

Barbara K Burke  07/07/11   18:07:09 Date
Message My goodness--that worked! First time in a few years I've actually been able to access this site. I'm assuming at this point that I just copy the confirmation code at the bottom---and also assume that each time it will be different?

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