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Marian  25/05/12   10:17:33 Date

Marian  25/05/12   08:37:32 Date
Message I take time this Memorial Day weekend to recognize and honor those who paid the ultimate price and gave their lives for our country's freedom. Freedom is not free.

A number of years ago, I found the following poem in an old book at the Springer Martin House. The book, which had belonged to my Grandmother Martin, along with many other books & items, were later stolen when some criminals broke into the house. When I read this poem, I was so touched, I wrote it down. The author is anonymous.

So nigh is grandeur to our dust
So near is God to man
When duty whispers low, "Thou must",
The youth replies, "I can".

The Glendale Singers will be singing at the Memorial Day Service held at the Veteran's Memorial in Canyonville on Monday morning. Our patriotic program always begins with a song that pretty much says it all...


"Let us sing for unsung heroes,
Those who lay their dreams aside,
Choosing honor more than glory,
Pledging faith with quiet pride.
Those whose uniform is courage,
Yet are unashamed of tears,
Finding in their love of freedom,
Power stronger than their fears.
Sing a song for unsung heroes,
Sing from sea to shining sea,
AS the faithful sang before you,
Sing the song of liberty.

Marian  25/05/12   07:56:48 Date
Message You are welcome, RTM. I just wish more local and use-to-be-local folks would also take time to write messages. I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself!

Don't know if today's game will happen or not. It rained during the night...and is still sprinkling. Our weather monitor says it has rained .18 hundreds of an inch since midnight..and it's 43 degrees. Was 47 when I got up. TV weatherman says it snowed on the east side of the mountains. Klamath Falls and Chiliquin had an inch or better on the ground...or maybe that was on the roof of their cars.

They may be able to switch location of the game to the Grants Pass field if the Glendale field is too mucky. GP has artificial turf. I'll find out from the coach when I go to work.

RTM  24/05/12   04:48:08 Date
Message Marian, thanks so much for keeping us out of towners up to speed on the girls softball team!!! RTM

Marian  23/05/12   20:45:42 Date
Message The Lady Pirates ten-pointed Prospect in today's state play-off game in the 6th inning
11-1. It struck me funny when the reporter/owner of the Douglas County Mail, a weekly newspaper in Myrtle Creek, told me that he was a bit late leaving for the game & he had hoped he'd arrive at the Glendale field before the Lady PIrates ten-ran the opposing team. This team has a reputation! I didn't know until the umps called the game over that the 10-point rule applied in state play-off games. Next game is at Glendale on Friday. Admission today was $6.

Marian  22/05/12   23:10:35 Date
Message The Cow Creek Historical Society's May Tea and Quilt Show turned out to be a pretty good event.
There were forty-two guests plus all the "worker bees". Have to admit... there was a lot of work involved prepping for the occasion (cleaning, cooking, etc) and buzzing around to serve the guests...then cleaning up afterwards. This worker bee was one pooped puppy & slept a good portion of the next day! However, it was all well worth the work & effort. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, conversation and beautiful flute music provided by the Fisher's grand-daughter.

Scholarship dinner for the graduating class of 2012 was Monday night at Glendale High. Daughter Kathy attended to present the Leroy & Marcie Dixon scholarships to the two recipients. Kathy said there was a total of $26,000 in scholarships awarded to students. That amount does not include the scholarships that will be given by the various colleges during the graduation ceremony June 8th.

The Glendale Lady Pirates Softball Team will be playing Prospect at 4:30 Wed. afternoon at Glendale. Glendale is ranked as the #2 team in the state. Folks will have to pay admission to watch the game, since it is a state play-off.

RTM  19/05/12   10:17:48 Date
Message Hey yall, it's getting closer to the fourth of July and this is just a reminder to all who may be interested in coming. The potluck/picnic at the sixth street Glendale Park will begin right after the Glendale downtown parade and last until you're too tired to talk anymore. I have info that some alumni who haven't made it before may be showing up. As always remember lawn chairs and food... not that the food part should keep you away there will be enough to go around. Love to all, Robert

PS: Fireworks at the Glendale High School will be night time entertainment.

Marian  18/05/12   23:59:56 Date
Message It'll be a busy day in the valley Saturday. Clean up at the cemetery....and the folks who toil to keep the cemetery cleaned up and running smoothly can use all the help they can get...and/or $$$ donations. The cemetery's lawn mowers both broke down just recently. One could not be repaired.

Also, Saturday is Cow Creek Historical Society's May Tea and Quilt Show at the old Springer Martin HOuse. Some of us have been burrning the candle at both ends to get everything prepared! It's suppose to be a gorgeous day weather-wise.

Marian  16/05/12   22:19:55 Date
Message T'was a delightful day! The lunch group at 7F was fun (what happens at 7F stays at 7F!!) ...then Glendale beat Drain at the 7 p. game in Roseburg 5-4. It was quite exciting! After some of the "stuff" Drain pulled, there were some of us who wished the Lady Pirates would have ten-pointed them!!! However, the one point lead did the job and proved a point! Next game for Glendale is Wednesday 5/23 at Glendale.

Marian  15/05/12   21:19:34 Date
Drain lodged a complaint about playing Glendale on our home field. They apparently did not like the idea of playing two games on the game plan is changed. Glendale will play Drain at Stewart Park in Roseburg tomorrow night at 7 p. GO LADY PIRATES!!!!!

Marian  15/05/12   19:42:05 Date
Message Kay...Yes the clean-up is Sat.

Kay Troxel  15/05/12   17:47:24 Date
Message SmileThe cemetary cleanup is this Saturday the 19th??

Marian  14/05/12   14:13:59 Date
Message The Glendale Lady Pirates won their game with Days Creek last Wed. 20-2. Even though GHS had scored (last I knew) over 100 more runs and had 30 or 40 less runs scored against them during season play than North Douglas (aka Drain), the Glendale and North Douglas teams are considered "Co-League-Champions" since they both lost one game in league play.

The play-off games will begin in Glendale on Thursday at 3 p. at which time Drain and another team (probably Yoncalla...but I"m not for sure on that) will play and then Glendale will play the winner of the first game. It's expected that the Glendale game will begin at approx. 5 p.m. The state "powers that be" require the schools to charge for play-off games, so it will cost to watch the game(s).
The Lady Pirates are fired up and ready to play!

Connie  13/05/12   21:54:31 Date
Message Thank you Marian for your words about Dave. He was a good person and I will miss his voice, smile, and laughter, as well as his grumblingSmile
I love this town and the supportive people who live here. I think that sometimes we forget what kind of community we have.

Marian  12/05/12   07:12:16 Date
Message Today is a sad day, for this is the day of our friend, Dave's memorial service. Dave died Monday after being injured in an accident last Saturday.

Dave was a person of constancy. His love, pride and enjoyment of wife, children & grandchildren remained constant. His love and enjoyment of friends remained constant, his love of music & singing remained constant, his work ethics and giving a full measure for what he earned remained constant, and his service to country and community remained constant.

Dave served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War. After moving to Glendale in 1976, he was elected to the Glendale City Council then served 2 1/2 terms as mayor. Later he was elected to serve on the Glendale Ambulance Board and was still a member of that board at the time of his death. Dave sang in the Olivet Presbyterian Church Choir and with the Glendale Community Singers group.

A wonderful person, a beautiful voice and a good friend is no longer with us physically, but his spirit of love and example of how to make this world a better place remains. I picture Dave singing with the angels.

marian  05/05/12   18:58:43 Date
Message The Glendale Lady Pirates won both of their games with Yoncalla today by the ten point in five innings rule. The Yoncalla left fielder hit the fence in her quest to catch a ball that almost went over the fence. I'm not sure which part of her was injured, but after laying on the ground a minute, then slowing getting to her feet with the help of a couple of coaches, then testing out her "sea legs", she chose to stay in the game. She got a big round of applause when she got to her feet...and another when she stayed in the game. These rural town kids are put together with a tough brand of glue! I was glad it wasn't her head that got thumped! Head injuries don't always heal as well as bumped limbs, etc.

Next game is with Oakland on Wednesday. Glendale soundly beat Oakland last game, but the word is that their team has greatly improved so nothing can be taken for granted.

The Glendale Junior/Senior Prom was Friday night at the Event Center in Roseburg, so knowing his players probably wouldn't be getting to bed at a decent hour, the coach made arrangements for the game to begin at 2 p instead of noon today so the girls could have a couple more hours of sleep.

I believe the Glendale boys lost both their games today but their coach is pleased with the progress the young team is making.

The Youth Baseball has begun. Last week as I was going to singing practice at the high school music room, the lower field had a bunch of pint-sized kids being coached by the volunteers. Quite a few proud parents were sitting or standing on the sidelines watching their little tykes learn the game. I'm so thankful for the volunteers who who are willing to spend their time working with the youngsters.
T'would be nice if we had other activities to offer the kids.

Sharon Johns Schmitz 57 gers  03/05/12   11:13:39 Date
Message Our next "middle-agers meeting will be May 16th at Stix-Sports bar at 7 feathers- Please come as we do have a good time telling lies, sharing memories. Even if only for lunch the more the merrier. Mark 5/16/12 at 12 noon!!!!

Marian  29/04/12   09:02:52 Date
Message Glendale High girls won their two softball games at Oakridge yesterday. Not sure of the exact score, but it was another blow-out...something like 20 something to 5 and 18 to 3. It was perfect weather for a ball game.
Hope we get more of the same today. So far it's overcast and 51 degrees.

Cow Creek Historical Society is hosting a High Tea and Quilt Show on Saturday, May 19th at the Springer-Martin House, 7331 Azalea Glen Road, Glendale. We are pre-selling tickets, which are $15 each. We are limited to 45 tickets. Last year the only complaint about the tea was we served too much food.

RTM  29/04/12   08:21:26 Date
Message Thanks Marian, sometimes it seems that you and I are the only ones who utilize the alumni website.

Thomas Paine once said that trying to put divinity into words, written on paper, was a poor way to record the feelings of divinity. He said, "Just look around you and at all the beautiful things nature has to behold and then you'll see divinity." I think he was right!!!

In your case I think Patrick has your back... if only we could take a peek through the inpenetrable veil we would see things we are not capable of discerning... but some day...

All you need is love!!! Easy to say but, so hard to remember at certain times. RTM

Marian  28/04/12   17:43:01 Date
Message RTM...You have a wonderful way of expressing your thoughts No matter which mood...I think you are one terrific, good person...and much smarter than the "average size bear"!

Several days ago, I came home in a "I sure feel sorry for myself" mood. Even had tears streaming down my face thinking about how tired I was and what all I needed to get done. It was raining one of those spring April showers with the sun trying to peek through the clouds...and when I looked out the front window, I saw the biggest, closest, most brilliant colored rainbow I've ever seen in my life. It started (or ended?) right down by our son's house. Couldn't tell where the other end of the rainbow was...perhaps because it was so near-by and so big. My thought was just maybe the other end was heaven. Have to tell you...that beautiful rainbow perked me right up!

RTM  26/04/12   15:33:35 Date
Message My Harddrive vs. Nature's Software

It's my theory that each one of us is born with a hard drive created specifically for our time here on earth. The Cosmic Designer, having done that, gave us the ability to download software both good and bad... negative or positive that we begin to process as our awareness develops. It's how we sort/process the negatives and positives that makes the ultimate product. Some people are able to use the information to become the best product they can be or they can blame the world for getting a bad deal. We are all damaged... some worse than others but most of the damage is done innocently or ignorantly.

In my case it was raising my kids as I was raised and making the mistake of following religious dogma that goes back generations in my family.

I try hard to be the best I can be and when the damaged software is not defraggable or fixable I try to weather the time spent in the storm and look ahead to the next good spell. I wish I were a Phlegmatic sort of person where my moods and actions were the same every day but I'm a Sanguine, Melancholy and Choleric with very little Phlegmatic in the mix. Each day, with me, can be exciting, as one never knows for sure which Robert will show up for the day.
Nevertheless I try to be the best I can be no matter what mood I find myself in. Is this my harddrive or is it the downloaded software of my life's experiences? I don't know. When the next phase of life begins... maybe Iíll know more than I now do concerning this question.


Marian  25/04/12   23:35:01 Date
Message The Lady Pirates played a non-league game today with JV team from the largest high school in the state...Roseburg. This was the fourth season game for the Glendale girls that wasn't over in 5 innings! Glendale won 12-7.

Marian  22/04/12   12:42:16 Date
Message An unusual event has occurred in Southern Oregon! Two days in a row we have had sunshine with temps up into the low 80s. They say only fools and Californians try to predict Oregon weather. NOt wanting to fall into either category, (and truth be known, I fit into both!) I never try to predict, altho I do sometimes quote the TV weatherman...and sometimes he lies! I am, however, predicting we are going to have an on-slaught of insects this summer. Two days of sunshine and the yellow jackets & wasps are out in mass buzzing around. Also have seen quite a few earwigs, some sort of moths and other insects I couldn't begin to identify. The guy who shares my house & I mowed the grass down at the old Springer Martin house late yesterday afternoon and after we got home, I discovered a tiny tick crawling on my neck. Clothes went into the washing machine & I went into the shower in record time! It's my understanding the tiny deer ticks are the culprits that can cause Lymes Disease. No thank you on that one!

The Glendale Pirate Ladies won both their games with Lowell Sat. at home. I believe the games were each over in five innings.

Marian  19/04/12   08:18:17 Date
Message Glendale Softball beat Days Creek 16-0 at Days Creek Wed. afternoon. The girls needed wader boots because the field was so wet and the grass high. The Lady Pirates have only had three games in which they didn't ten-run the other teams in five innings.

There was a log truck wreck on Glendale Valley Road late Tues. night. Rumor has it the log truck driver became angry because the mill wouldn't unload his truck after hours (11:00 p.m.)and left the log yard driving very erratically. He drove the loaded rig into the ditch just past Tunnel Road. By the time responders reached the wreck site, the driver had crawled out of the overturned truck and left the scene. Don't imagine Mr. Sether was thrilled to have logs in his field and fence to repair! Last night's News Review had a small blip in Police Reports section that there had been a "hit & run" on Glendale Valley Road.

Marian  15/04/12   09:21:01 Date
Message The Lady Pirates won both of their games with Crow Saturday...each in five innings. The games were suppose to be played at Crow, but their field is a bit swampy with all the rain we have had, so the games were played at Glendale.

Glendale Baseball Team lost both of their games late yesterday up at Roseburg. I believe they played Umqua Valley Christian team.

Coaches of the Glendale summer sports have ramped up the youth programs and are thrilled that 20 have signed up for Babe Ruth Baseball.
Besides being a good healthy way to occupy the young folks, it also gives the kids a step up the ladder to becoming good athletes. I admire the folks who volunteer their time to work with the kids. These same folks also work hard organizing fund raisers to support the programs. What they do is certainly a worthy cause!

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